Ahmet Aytemis

Club Title: Chairperson

Favourite Dodgeball Moment: One of my all time favourite dodgeball moments happened during a high stakes match at a Northern Ireland Open tournament. It was a do or die situtaion with just me, the last person stabding from our team, facing off against the captain of the other team. With adrenaline pumping and my heart racing, I landed a decisive hit on their captain. The sheer excitement and cheers from my teammates  and the crowd made it a moment I'll cherish forever. Dodgeball isnt just a game, its a thrilling journey filled with unforgettable moments like this one. 

Bio: Hi there! I'm Ahmet and I've been diving and dodgeing in the world of dodgeball for over 2 and half years. As the Chairperson of the Dublin Dodgeball Club, I am passionate about fostering a welcome and inclusive dodgeball community where everyone can enjoy the thrill of the game. When I am not on the dodgeball court , you can find me promoting active living and organising events with committee members. Lets keep the dodgeball spirit alive! 

Katie Kinkaid

Club Title: Secretary

Favourite Dodgeball Moment: Making my first catch in an international tournament at the 2023 Euros in Croatia. Anyone who plays with me knows that catching is not my stong suit so I was trying to really focus on that aspect of my play in training. To be able to make a important catch at such a high level tournament was a big moment for me!

Bio: I have been playing dodgeball since 2021 and it has quickly become a huge part of my social, travel and exercise calanders. This year I am hoping to continue to improve my skills, especially catching! My day job is as a Science and Physics teacher and I also compete in triathlons and running events.

Tom Eastaway

Club Title: Treasurer

Favourite Dodgeball Moment: Watching an out-of-breath security guard chasing an oblivious ball retriever around the sinking end of Basketball City

Bio: I've been a dodgeballer since 2012, and I'm going to keep going as long as my knees will allow it. I'm a database manager in the non-profit sector, I've recently become a father to Nick and I'm a hooman to Remy. Outside of dodgeball my other main hobby is Lego, and I'm also very enthusiastically average at chess.

Kenneth Abarquez

Club Title: Social Media and Events Secretary 

Favourite Dodgeball Moment:  I was playinig for only 4 months when I experienced my first dodgeball tournament. I was in a team called Demonios (Red Team).   Our team comprised of players from Portugal, Northern Ireland, Waterford and Dublin. Coming into the semi finals as the 4th ranked team, we won and made our way to the final and actually won the Tequilla Trophy. That was my first Dodgeball winning experience. From then on I strive to be better and train harder.

Bio: I am a Nurse by profession. I am always the one who has ice packs and meds in the team. I bake cookies for everyone as well. I play Squash and Volleyball too. I’ve been playing for more than a year now. Endured some injuries and learned a lot of things in each every competition and as the months have gone by. I am hoping to play as much as my body would allow me, because my week is not complete without playing dodgeball.

Garvan McEvoy

Club Title: Head Coach

Favourite Dodgeball Moment: