Throughout November and December, Dublin Dodgeball Club has been running free introductory sessions for newcomers to the sport. Swan Leisure in Rathmines has proven to be a fantastic facility as well as a great location for our needs, allowing for old and new players to add an extra activity to their calendars.

Sessions are usually straightforward, with a simple warmup followed by some quick training drills to help introduce basic strategic elements of the game. The majority of training involves organised games, as we believe the best way to start a new sport is to dive right in to it! This approach has seen an influx of new players, during November alone we have had over 25 people try the sport for the first time. We are hopeful that this will lead to sustained growth for the sport across the city, which in turn will provide a greater platform for the sport in schools, colleges and universities in the Dublin area.

Our current training sessions are building towards the Irish Dodgeball Association’s annual foam ball competition, this year named Winter Foamderland. This will be a great opportunity for our new players to experience the competitive side of the game. As this is a less played form of the game in Ireland, it should prove to be an even competition for everyone involved! If you want to get involved in dodgeball, there are still sessions running every Sunday from 16:30 at Swan Leisure. All details can be found here on our website, as well as on our various social media platforms.